So explicit and definite define about her,
She’s neither a human nor an animal.

All what she utter out seems to strange to my cochlea,
And her lingual extremely cark my pina.

Maybe she’s from another planet’ I don’t know,
‘Cause being in cloud nine state to her is unknown.

Now, she lives in my entire compound as a servant.
Whenever my cellular gadget intercepted some electromagnetic waves and summoning my attention my dialogue goes in silent.

And it is due to her dangerous psyche.
‘Cause her final now is irrevocable.

Now I’m so distressful of being staying with her,
Yet am the owner of her.

Looking tardily to her eyeballs I discovered, she’s a Frankenstein.

How to make her go out of existence only knows by her creator,
‘And i’m not her creator.

*Ishaq Murtador Damilola*

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