Deep in the highlands of Western New Guinea, Indonesia, lives one of
the world’s most isolated tribes.
One of their customs is the wearing of an unusual piece of underwear –
the Koteka – worn by males which is commonly referred to as a penis
sheath and women in the tribe have been known to cut off the end of their
own fingers to mark the loss of a relative.
As well as their quite liberal view towards clothing, the tribe are also
well known for their unique practice of self mutilation.
After the passing of a loved one, relatives are expected to cut off the top
part of their fingers as a sign of respect and grieving.
The practice is meant to symbolise the pain one feels after losing a loved
one with many people in the tribe often amputating multiple fingers
during their lifetime.
Photographer and IT support engineer Teh Han Lin from neighbouring
Singapore snapped the tribe over a four day period.

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