Some people have raised alarm after watching a video of an unnamed man using chemicals to make fake meat. The video has left people wondering if bad people might exploit this avenue to deceive people especially in Nigeria.

Several Nigerians have raised alarm over the video following the sudden circulation of fake plastic rice in the country which was also made from chemicals. Some people have called on the authorities in the country to be vigilant and apprehend anyone who would want to use chemicals to make meat.
However, many people have reacted to the idea of using chemicals to make fake meat, saying it is not something new or bad. They said the idea of fake food being made from chemicals does not pose any problems for people. The idea which originated from Japan was used by Japanese restaurants to display or represent the dishes available inside the restaurant.
Fake food is a model or replica of a food item made from plastic, wax, resin or similar material, so it is not harmful and someone cannot mistake it for real food because it is made of plastic.
Watch video below:

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