Following its planned shutdown of its services on
Blackberry, Whatsapp has announced it would not be
shutting down its services on Blackberry this year.

Blackberry users might have been given a reprieve as
Whatsapp has announced an extension of its planned
shutdown of its service to Blackberry users .

Whatsapp had earlier in the year announced that the
app will no longer work on BlackBerry OS and
BlackBerry 10 phones come December 31st, 2016.
However, it has extended the date till June 30th, 2017
which gives Blackberry time to work on the updates.

The latest announcement was revealed on Whatsapp
website via an update to the FAQ section . So, people
are now urged to update their current version to the
stipulated version given by Whatsapp in order to
retain the use of the app on their phones.

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