Record Shows The Number One Africa Most Downloaded Song In Mexico, Produce By An African, 1st in Mexico History ‘Spanish’ “DRUG NO MORE by ADNANNO”


A Nigeria artist has been pronounced to been the number one African artist that has the most downloaded Track in Mexico history…

Everyone could be asking why and how; this entertainment boss and artist gain a scope to get those people download his song by visiting the hospital that has most related drug issue online and on phone; sending at least 5$ to 100 each to almost everyone been affected with drug and letting there family show him love by downloading his song; Drug no more by Adnanno…
He’s a computer legally Guru, a philanthropist, music producer, song writer, artist, DJ and entertainment Record label Boss

He promise not to stop to care about people whom are affected to bring them to there normal life;

You could be wondering why Mexico; he said in one of his interviews that Mexico might not be the country that sell drug the most but we know many drug Lords in Mexico history and some youth in Africa has always labeled them as there roll model…

He set to visit Mexico soon to make more song that will explain more about drug and why to use them and why not….he said he’s singing more to save more people Hapiness…

Mexicans doesn’t really download African music; this brought to the attention of some media houses in North America….


All the family in Mexico promise to love him forever 🥰🥰🥰

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