Plus Size Lady Puts Her B00bs On Full Display In New +21 Photos

American plus-size model Simone Mariposa has flaunted a rare picture of herself as seen above to inspire other women across the world with a similar size.
According to her, she decided to showcase the big folds around her tummy after hiding it for a very long time out of shame.
In recent times, there is the popular notion that being fat is ugly and voluptuous women have been urged to lose weight for the purpose of keeping fit, smart and maintaining a sense of fashion.
Simone Mariposa calls herself the flower queen. She is an influencer and also an inspirer. She currently commands an internet followership of over 73,000 people.
Read her inspirational note that has gone viral below:
“I’ve had this picture saved in my drafts for a while, and I was scared to post it.
I have a tough relationship with the rolls on my stomach, and anytime they show in pictures, I always delete them.
But I took a second to think about it, today.
This is me, the body that I have worked so hard to love and accept.
There’s no hiding it, and I shouldn’t have to.
I’d be doing a disservice to myself and the women who look at me and my body for inspiration to present a constantly edited depiction of myself.
So here I am. Rolls and all.”
See more photos:

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