The Other Room!!! (Must Read)



When the thunder in me begins to strike,
And the voltage in me is ready to spike,
When my body car vibrates to on zoom,
I’ll quickly ride on my bride to the *other room.*

When the cozy wind of life let me down,
I’ll order her to cover me with her gown.
That’ll make my body engine to vroom,
And I’ll whisper her to wait in the *other room.*

When the loon loom in me begins to rise,
I’ll tell the moon to close her eyes;
I’ll tell lightness to begin to gloom,
And tell her to meet me in the *other room.*

I’ll, jingle over my bed and make it creak.
My bed shall shed tears, scream and shriek.
I shall rule the room for, I’m the groom,
And position her on the bed of my *other room.*

If my cloudy sky begins to rain snows
On her earth, she’ll cry and doff her brows.
She’s the inamorata that makes me bloom
And the mistress that ministers my *other room.*

She owns my body but I own her life;
She belongs to only me for she’s my only wife;
*”She belongs to my kitchen; living room*
*And, and, and, and the other room”.*

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