This 18-Year-Old Girl Wants To Sell Her Virginity For N336,000,000 (Watch Video)

Aleexandra Kefren, 18, says she was inspired by the film Indecent Proposal to sell her virginity online to pay for a home for her parents.

An adorable 18-year-old lady, Aleexandra Kefren, believed to be from eastern Europe, has publicly declared her intention to sell her virginity in the hope of raising enough money to buy a home for her parents who are set to be evicted in February.
According to Dailymail, the pretty girl plans to auction off s*x for no less than €1million – which is currently equal to £850,964 – so that she can save them from ending up on the streets, and they have no idea.

Aleexandra has posted several revealing shots of herself on her Instagram page, posing in her Calvin Klein underwear in front of a mirror
Speaking on what inspired her decision to auction her virginity, the teenager said she was inspired to place the advert on an online escort agency, after seeing the film Indecent Proposal – where Robert Redford’s character offers Demi Moore £1billion to spend the night with her.

‘I was 15, I saw a movie on TV it was about a girl who sold herself for one night. Maybe I could do this with my virginity I saw many girls who sold themselves for £3.5million or more,’ she told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Asked about the suitor who might make the winning bid, Aleexandra had no worries about completing the transaction no matter what he looked like.

‘I am thinking it is strictly business not emotional. I think it will be alright, I think a glass of wine will be enough to get through,’ she added.

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