This Girl With Massive Backyard Could Blind Your Vision (+21 Photos)

Nobody has much details about her but her account has been making more waves than the ocean current. She is simply identified as ‘Sheizbooteful’ which speaks volume of the self-acknowledgement of the heavy bum and ‘truthful’ hips she parades.
She looks barely 21 but regardless of her age, she has created an Instagram page that is a beehive of activities due to the magnitude of boobs and bum she flaunts in pictures and videos.
According to reports, she built a page of 480,000 followers within a very short period of time before it was hacked by tradeucers. Her new page in no time grew to about 222,000 despite being a few contents. She follows only 161 people.
Her bum is her selling point as men heavily lust after her. She is from Atlanta, United States of America.
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