This Man Caught Soldier Having S*x with His Wife, What Happened Next Will Shock You

A Kenyan Defence Forces soldier has done the unthinkable after a man caught him having s*x with the wife.
According to The Nairobian, the soldier identified as Duncan Otieno Juma reportedly beat up businessman George Njoroge who busted him having s*x with his wife in his house in Makadara.
The soldier has now been forced to appear in court. The report gathered that Otieno, who the court heard is based at Kahawa Garrison, attacked the complainant early in the year. Otieno further faces malicious damage charge as he is accused of having damaged a television set and DVD player all valued at Sh12,500 while roughing up the complainant in his house.
According to the Njoroge, the man soldier started eyeing his wife back in 2014 when he was a regular customer at their hotel back in Mandera County. The man claimed neighbours have been telling him about the soldier’s affair with his wife as the soldier is said to frequent his house in his absence.
Njoroge told the trial magistrate that he reported the matter to area OCS in Mandera. Otieno reportedly apologised, after which the two moved on.
The court heard that at some point in 2014, Njoroge transferred his wife and family to Nairobi due to insecurity in Mandera and hoped Otieno would disappear from the picture only to find him in bed with his wife the morning after Christmas.
“Immediately he saw me, he grabbed the bed sheet, covered my face hurriedly and the assaulted me in my wife’s presence,” Njoroge said.

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