This is the moment a woman was forced to walk the streets without any pants after allegedly sleeping with someone else’s husband.
Footage of the shaming session shows the woman being frogmarched along a street wearing just a bra.
One of her hands covers her modesty as she walks along barefoot.
A woman next to her can be seen grabbing her hair along with the person who is filming.
It is alleged the n*ked woman, who is carrying a handbag in the footage, had slept with another woman’s husband.
The walk resembled the famous “shame walk” from HBO smash hit Game of Thrones, where Lena Headey’s character is forced to walk the streets n*ked to atone for her sins.
The video was uploaded to Chinese social media before being shared on LiveLeak where viewers were left stunned by the incident.
“Chinese culture confuses me,” said one person.
Another added: “The psychological trauma must be huge. This is a very harsh thing.”
Watch the video below: